DTRW Guitar USB Key

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Availability: Out of stock
Price: $67.44 (CAD)
$45.82 (CAD)

Exclusive item to, a replica of a Gibson Les Paul. Each 8GB USB 2.0 key has a chrome finish on the back, and an engraving of "Down The Road Wherever Tour - Mark Knopfler". To round off the realism of this unique item, each key is packed in a hard shell road case, complete with handles, clasps and leather-look graphics.

Order your key today and add a live concert digital download from the Down The Road Wherever 2019 Tour, and we'll mark down the cost of the USB key by the price of the concert! Select your concert from one of these available performances.

Please note that the USB keys are shipped empty, and do not contain any pre-loaded music or concert footage.